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I am a data scientist at WeWork, trying to make people happier and more productive in their office space. I hold a Ph.D. in Urban Systems & Informatics from New York University, where I spent three years as part of the Urban Intelligence Lab at NYU Center for Urban Science + Progress. Prior to joining NYU, I received my M.S. in Engineering Systems & Management from Masdar Institute in Abu Dhabi, UAE (in collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Passionate about urban science and informatics research, I strive to address the environmental, economic, and social issues of cities. My recent projects leverage machine learning algorithms and big data to (a) identify patterns in urban energy consumption, (b) develop robust and fair city energy performance metrics, and (c) assess the effectiveness of existing climate action policy frameworks, among others. For a detailed list of my completed research projects check my Google Scholar profile.

My diverse experience of Europe, Middle East and the US, has inspired me to further study the complex socio-technical challenges cities worldwide face.